Anti skid surfaces

Anti skid Surface

Anti Skid Surfacing

Anti-skid surfacing is important for Reducing Risk of injury Slip of Pedestrians, Children Vehicles & Aircrafts However, choosing the right anti-skid coating is not as easy as simply ordering an “anti-slip” paint.

An anti-Skid or high-friction coating is regular paint with abrasives mixed into it. Different levels of “anti-skid” depend on how much of these abrasives are mixed in, what they are made of and how big the particles are.

For instance, if you mix in large volumes of stone, the level of skid resistance will be high. However, rough material - with the consistency of sand paper - can cause injuries to pedestrians and damage vehicle tyres over time.

The amount of aggregate mixed into the paint must be balanced properly to suit each location and surface. Consider:

  • The likelihood of an injury when a person falls hands-first vs danger of an injury if the person falls on a slippery surface.
  • The damage severity caused to the vehicles vs. the possible damage caused by the loss of control.

A perfect solution is rarely achievable, but some anti-skid formulas allow you to reduce the total risk level more effectively than others in a given situation.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Type Of Anti-Skid Surfacing

Even though it may be dangerous for anyone, especially children, to fall on a highly abrasive surface, anti-skid application is essential to prevent slips and falls in places where they are likely to occur. Consider the following matters:

  • Laws And Regulations – different regulations apply to different surfaces, from warehouses to pedestrian crossings.
  • Traffic – the likelihood of someone entering the area on foot dictates the concentration of the anti-skid coating.
  • Children – since children are more likely to trip and fall, anti-skid coatings with higher abrasive qualities shouldn’t be considered for pedestrian crossings and school grounds.

Different types of anti-skid additives can also affect health and safety. Rubber crumb additives, for instance, are less abrasive than sand, so are less likely to cause injury if someone falls on them.

However, not all anti-skid materials are long-lasting enough to be used in heavy traffic areas. Rubber crumb, for instance, will quickly wear down under the impact of vehicles.

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