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We carry out all forms of road markings with all manner of products from recovering an existing line to planning and implementing entire schemes.

We offer a full range of road marking solutions based on a variety of materials and application techniques. Traditionally, road markings have been applied using Hot Applied Thermoplastic by either screed, extrusion or spray. However modern pressures on time-scales, environmental impacts and budgets have lead to the introduction of paint and resin based solutions.

MMA Resin based road markings are highly durable and last between 2 and 5 times as long as standard thermoplastic road markings. This makes them ideal for areas of high wear such as slip roads and roundabout approaches where frequent renewal of road markings would not be cost effective, especially when taking into consideration the cost of traffic management. Paint Based systems are quick and cost effective to apply and can be used to rejuvenate existing markings, especially in areas where they will not be overrun, such as edge lines.

Safetyline Paint all car parks and provide site assessments to ensure that maximum number of bays, ease of navigation and safest option for both pedestrians and motorists. Dependent on surface type, condition and needs of the customer; we use differing products such as MMA, Thermoplastic and Epoxy Resin.

The British Parking Association believes that over half of all car parks in the UK contain some form of structural decay. It is therefore essential to protect and maintain your car park surface as a means of maximising life expectancy. Weathering, track marks, build up of dust and rubbing of tyres on kerbs and corners are all detrimental factors to a car park. To combat this, Safetyline supply and install a wide range of specialist services including: anti skid, surfacing & deck coating systems and waterproof & patching. All products used are fast cure with high wear resistance to oil & fuel and maintain anti skid properties. These services can be applied to all surfaces to help maintain your car park.

Safetyline are conversant with all cycle, pedestrian and environmental regulations and our line marking operatives hold all health and safety accreditations that allow us to work on all roads and highways. Our operatives all hold CSCS cards and are trained to the industry highest standards  including traffic management and First Aid.

Our team work around the clock and outside of regular hours to ensure that there is no interruption to your business/ working day. For a free quote call us now 

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road line painting Road Lining contractor